The Secret Of Healthy Immunity And Bone Density

11 Jan 2022

And all we want is a good healthy life, Correct?? Immunity is the secret ingredient of a healthy life. As we grow old this secret ingredient needs restocking. . You may question why rebuilding immunity is required and how to do it? The answer is very simple.  BAS (Bioactive Silicate) helps you to boost your immunity. Immunity helps you to fight against diseases. This is a unique product!! It not only supercharges your immune system, also maintains your pH levels.  Some research advocates an alkaline diet which helps you improve health and immunity. BAS concentrate is high in pH, helps you to maintain the alkaline levels of the body.

Various studies show that silicon is a very important mineral in building bone density. Usually a normal adult body has approximately 7 grams of silica mainly found in tissues of bone, teeth, skin and eye. Bone Mineral density, strength and flexibility is right when bone collagen synthesis and vitalization is proper. Silica helps in new bone cell regeneration, healthy collagen development bone mineralization and so on. Silica essentially acts as supervisor who manages and maintains the calcium levels for correct bone sustainment. So for healthy bones you not only need calcium, but silica also.

In 2009 research article of American Society of Bone & Mineral Research, it was concluded that Silica is one of major factor for development of bone density in both Men and premenopausal women. In fact, osteoporosis in women is four times higher compared to men. BAS is tailored silicate for better absorption, is highly bio-available, with high pH levels for proper bone and collagen maintenance. The concentrate is rich in antioxidants that helps your body to maintain proper alkaline-acid levels.

BAS may help with muscles, joint pains, and brittle bones and enjoy healthy bone, shiny glossy hair, glowing skin and healthy nails. You are beautiful and allow BAS to help you prove that age is just numbers!

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