Bioactive Silicate for Your Immune System

11 Jan 2022

Let me ask you a question. Do you know who is first in line to defense our body?? Think…thinking… ah you got it... it’s our SKIN!!! Human skin has special cells which warns out body of foreign germs and prepares for defense. Your body is attacked by millions of germs daily, but it is your immune system that protects you from getting sick.

Your immune system should not be taken for granted. Do you know what will happen to your body if there is no immune system??? There are millions of germs in the air that will definitely make you sick. If you don’t have a immune system, your body will be at whims of the germs. One in every hundred thousand babies in world are born without immunity under a condition called Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID) where their body cannot fight even against common cold.

What is your Immune System???

When germs get inside your body, they cause infection. It is your immune system which fights against this infection and makes you feel better. Our immune system is made up of organs, tissues and tiny cells that together form a wall against foreign diseases. Your entire body is comprised of incredible variety of tiny cells (white blood cells) that have individual job to protect you from foreign diseases. One of them is Lymphocytes (a type of white blood cell).  The lymphocytes have B cells, Killer T cells and Helper T-cells.

In human body, B-Cells are also called Bone marrow. These amazing B-cells create a very special weapon called antibodies which helps in destroying pathogens or gems. Do you know about 4% (5.7lbs) of an adult human body is made up bone marrow .These bone marrow can be found in your bones.  If you observe, as we humans grow old, our bones become weak and essentially our immunity system also slows down.

How can you enjoy a healthy Immune System?

Healthy immunity requires healthy bones, cells and collagen. So how can you strengthen your immune system? The answer is very simple See below:

  1. Sleep – A study shows those who sleep more than 6 hours daily have efficient immune system than those who sleep less.
  2. Solar power – Your skin produces Vitamin D for that helps the T-cells and your immune system.
  3. Immunity Boosters - There are many natural supplements that help to boost your immunity. One of most important mineral is Silica. It is a bone booster and helps your bones to strengthen, decrease bone fragility. It is a joint rejuvenator that promotes joint lubrication. Calcium alone can’t maintain healthy bones; it needs help of silica to promote bone strength, maintain collagen and improve bone health.

BAS - Bioactive Silicate is a water soluble and bioavailble supplement that not only silica for bone health but also helps to maintain pH balance of body. It improves Bone density, flexibility and helps in building bone tissues, joints, tendons. Healthy bones are a sign of healthy immunity.

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